Vegan snacks and desserts

Being vegan doesn’t mean that you don’t get to eat desserts or snacks anymore. Here are some of our top 5 picks:

  1. Manner Wafers

CZK –18.90 (Tesco)

Easily our favourite snack, the crispy wafers paired with hazelnut cream makes a great pairing with your coffee or tea. Aside from Puroshop, you can easily find them in any supermarket or minimarkets. There are several other flavours, including chocolate, coconut, and lemon. Each Manner wafer packet consists of 2 wafers, providing a total value of 72 calories per serving (2 pieces). It is important for those allergic to nuts and milk that the product may contain traces of these.

  1. Vegan gummy bears

CZK65 –

Did you know that gummies (bears and other shapes too) are not vegan? Gelatine is not vegan; it is a protein derived from animal skin, tendons, ligaments, and/or bones through boiling. These animal parts are usually obtained from cows or pigs.

Though, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat gummy bears anymore, there are vegan alternatives that “Free From Fellows” have used to produce vegan gummy bears! Free From Fellows specialize in the production of vegan and sugar free gummy bears, and have partnered with candy connoisseurs to ensure the best taste and texture. Not only are they vegan, they are also sugar-free and gluten-free! There are several shapes and flavours you can choose from, and are absolutely delicious!

Currently, only Puro Shop sells this specific brand, but do let us know what other vegan gummy bear brands you can find in the Czech market in the comments.

  1. Veganz Lemon Biscuits

CZK49 –

Perfect with coffee or tea, the Veganz lemon biscuits are crunchy in texture and refreshing in taste. Veganz is a Berlin-based, producing various organic and vegan alternatives for those wanting to try a plant-based diet. They are also dedicated to environmental sustainability of their product and business. There are also a variety of snacks and sweets, but this is our personal favourite that we highly recommend everyone to try.

Before purchasing, kindly note that the product may contain traces of gluten, eggs, milk, peanuts, soybeans, nuts, and sesame. The product is also not recommendable for gluten-free diets.

  1. Eat Real Hummus Chips

CZK33 –

Craving chips but wanting to stay healthy? These hummus chips are for you! Made from chickpea flour, it provides more fiber, less fat, and less calories while satisfying your craving for chips! Not only that, it is also gluten and nut free. Eat Real is a British-based company that produces various healthier alternatives to potato chips. They have chips made from lentils, chickpea flour, quinoa and various veggies. Each with different flavours ranging from paprika to chilli cheese.

  1. Patipatti mini gelato

CZK80 –

Vegan gelato can be found in many shops around Prague, but this is a personal favourite. As a passionate tea fan, Patipatti is my to-go gelato brand due to their unique range of tastes. Patipatti makes organic gelatos with various unique flavors: maple walnut, black sesame, hojicha, miso caramel. The mini gelato holds 100ml (about 82g) of gelato and are freshly handmade from real foods with no pre-mixed powders or ready-made bases. Most of their gelato contain nuts, and some are also gluten-free.

Patipatti is a Czech company, with their kitchen based in Luby-Klatovy. Aside from their gelatos, they are also tea and ceramic enthusiasts, selling tea ware and various teas as well.

If you’re looking to have some coffee and cake with friends in a coffee shop, you are in luck. With the growing trend of plant-based diet in the Czech Republic, there are more and more choices of vegan desserts you can buy in restaurants, cafes, and bakeries.

Palo Verde

Located near I.P. Pavlova in Prague, Palo Verde makes aesthetically beautiful and tasty desserts. They are also a vegan bistro, serving various meals throughout the day and also has a tapas menu.

Blue Vegan Pig

Donut Shop

Craving donuts? Blue Vegan Pig and Donut Shop offer a wide range of delicious vegan donuts. All donuts in Blue Vegan Pig are vegan, but make sure you check with the waitress at the Donut Shop which donuts are vegan-friendly.

If you enjoy spending your time baking, Purelifepraha also has our diverse range of desserts that you can bake. We have various recipes, ranging from simple, beginners desserts, to a full gourmet cake depending on your baking skills.

A classic vegan brownie is the to-go recipe for an easy dessert. It is also a dessert that many find hard to dislike, which is perfect for a dinner party or a picnic. Our recipe only takes a total of 38 minutes of preparation and baking time, with a simple ingredient list that most individuals on a plant-based diet would have. You can take a look at our recipe here.

A Czech traditional Apricot Dumpling topped with poppy seeds and vegan butter could also be the dessert that may convince your family and friends to adopt a plant-based diet. Our recipe expects to produce 20 dumplings, with and expected total time of 60 minutes to prepare and cook them. Check out our recipe here.

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