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Updated: Apr 8

Vegan product | RINGANA

We would like to introduce to you fresh vegan cosmetics, supplements, and food from RINGANA, an Austrian brand. In 1996, when the owner, Andreas Wilfinger, discovered that the toothpaste from the kindergarteners of his son was using was full of chemicals, he began developing a fresh, new brand.

Vegan product | RINGANA cosmetics

RINGANA has more present in the Czech Republic since 2020. The brand is well known in Europe because of its vision:

Vegan product | RINGANA fresh vegan cosmetics

- Taking active responsibility for our planet

- Acting sustainably

- Constantly questioning the status quo

- Continual innovation and self-development 

We had an interview with Markéta, RINGANA's independent partner in the Czech Republic. Markéta has been cooperating with the company for four years because the brand met her expectations: fresh, pure, vegan and chemical-free. Markéta can personally help you choose your products and order them online.

The cosmetics are made with fresh ingredients and due to their short shelf life, they cannot be sold in the shops. Products are sent directly from RINGANA, which guarantees their quality, though they recommend using the cosmetics within four months after opening.

Vegan product | RINGANA

Why RINGANA? Because of their meticulous system and philosophy: 1. Freshness: 100% guaranteed. 2. Efficacy: active substances and freshly produced skin care products and supplements made without artificial preservatives. All are Ecocert certified.

3. Eco-aware: sparing resources and keeping the environment livable are RINGANA’s top priorities; photovoltaic power sources, for example.

4. Consistency: RINGANA guarantees the quality and freshness of their products. The ‘Vegan’ label means they aren’t tested on animals. And their cosmetic bottles are returnable—for every 10 bottles returned after use, RINGANA customers receive their choice of any cosmetic product in their line free of charge.

Non-genetically-modified, biodegradable packaging made from corn starch and water (more information about eco-aware is available at https://market.ringana.com/rethink/?lang=en).

Vegan product | RINGANA

For more about RINGANA’s philosophy, please follow the link below:


For  cosmetic products, click here:


The following products are alcohol-free:

Body milk

Body scrub


Lip balm

Tonic calm

Tooth oil

Hydro serum

Eye serum

Vegan product | RINGANA

RINGANA’s skincare products are pleasant alternatives to what’s commonly available. Tooth oil and lip balm are some of our favorites.

RINGANA also offers plant-based supplements and food. For more information, please go to:




Vegan product | RINGANA vegan supplements

All RINGANA supplements are made without additives or preservatives. Ingredients are extracted from herbs according to Ayurvedic principles, Chinese traditional medicine, and European herbalism. Efficacy is their prime directive, in terms of research and development of new products.

If you are interested in this brand and want to purchase their products, simply use the coupon (good for 5 euros/140 CZK) after registering as a customer, which you can do here:


For more information, please contact Markéta directly at:


It’s important to have such brands in the market, considering that many vegan products currently available contain chemicals.

Thank you RINGANA!



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