One thought heaven, one thought hell

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Do you think our lives are often like on a roller coaster? Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re energetic, sometimes we’re depressed, etc. Whatever we do, it seems like we can’t keep stability. Even though all we want is to be happy and joyful, most of the time we end up suffering.

Can you be happy for one minute? Can you be happy for one hour? One day? One week? One month? One year? Try answering this honestly.

Life is bringing us different situations we have to face, but who decides how will we feel about them? Just one thought can bring us pain or joy. Let us share a story with you.

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There was once a famous Chinese General who decided to visit a Zen Master to ask him a question:

"Master, do Hell and Heaven exist?"

Master looked at him and answered:

"Well, yes. Of course, Hell and Heaven exist!"

General got really puzzled by this answer, so he asked:

"How is it possible? How can Hell and Heaven exist if I've never seen such places? And I don't even know anyone who has seen either Hell or Heaven!"

Master answered:

"How could you recognize Hell and Heaven, when you spent your whole life waging wars and killing people?"

This question enraged the General so much that he started to shout at the Master, his face got all red and in few moments his anger escalated so much that he took his sword and he was about to cut the Master’s head off. But before that could happen, the Master just said:

"... this is Hell."

It was like if the General was woken up from a trance by this simple sentence and he started to apologize deeply and bow in respect and gratitude to the Master for the lesson he just received. The Master was smiling a bit as he was saying:

"And this is Heaven."

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Our happiness or suffering are created by our heart and mind. We tend to connect outside situations with our moods - it’s a very dependent relationship, something happens and it equals our mood, as in the story - someone tells you something you don’t like or agree with and immediately you get angry. Have you experienced this? I have. Thousand times. That is suffering. But what if you were able to gain control, to actually choose not to suffer unnecessarily? Let go of our fears, worries and stress? And instead to gradually grow joy in our heart? It is possible. Our heart, mind, soul and body are closely connected and if we want to create joy and reduce suffering, we have to prepare the right environment and conditions. When you imagine happiness or something joyful, it’s filled with light, brightness, freshness, lightness and purity, right? The same environment must be created in our body and mind. And the first step towards that is the purification diet. It’s called purification diet, because it will purify our mind and body, it clears out negative and low energies, that we’ve been bringing into ourselves through food we eat, through negative thoughts, emotions and bad habits. When we eat pure, we feel a lot lighter and slowly we can see our thoughts more clearly and at the same time our inner strength is growing and that’s the point where we can choose between growing suffering or growing joy. One thought heaven, one thought hell. Thank you for your reading! #purelifepraha


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