Braised white radish balls in clay pot

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The best pure vegan diet recipe | Braised white radish balls

Time: 40-50 minutes

Portion: 3


white radish 400g in zest

oyster mushroom 300g teared into thin strips

Chinese cabbage 300g

kelp water 400ml

Shimeji/ Enoki/ Shitake mushroom 100-150g (Dry shitake 50g)

green bean noodles 100g soaked in hot water

tofu product 100g -- 200g

ginger 2-3 slices






light and dark soy sauce

corn starch 5 tbsp

flour 4 tbsp

Chinese five spices powder 1/3 tsp



1. Prepare the ingredients as required size. Squeeze out the water of white radish and oyster mushroom. Fried the oyster mushroom with some oil and salt in a preheated pan till it is golden.

2. Mix the fried mushroom and white radish with flour, corn starch (adjust accordingly) 1 tbsp of soy sauce and 1 tbsp of dark soy sauce, five spices powder. Add more corn starch and flour till the batter can be shaped into small balls. Then shape around 14 balls.

3. Preheat a pan with oil, then fry the balls twice.

4. Prepare a clay pot(or normal pot), put oil, ginger, salt and cabbage in the bottom. Cover the pot and cook it for 5 minutes, then add water into it. After the water is boiling, add in Shiitake mushroom, soy products and green bean noodles and boil them for 5 minutes.

5. Add the white radish balls into the pot, with coriander, sesame and chili as your preferred amount.

Enjoy your meal.

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